The Waffle Maker is a sexual position where the woman lays on her side with her legs in a scissor like position and the man moves her legs up and down, much like the opening and closing of a waffle maker. The position is commonly used when the woman's vagina is not tight enough to pleasure the man.
"Man, this chick was loose. I had to go to the waffle maker to get one out"
by mfishym November 29, 2011
Taking a crap on an open laptop computer and slamming it shut.
Dude, that a-hole left me a waffle maker.
by Pygmy Squid November 24, 2008
Ridiculously fine abs, so pristine and cut that batter would sit perfectly inside its ridges like that of a waffle maker. Those who possess a waffle maker have the sickest abdominals known to man and are not afraid to show it.
Oh snap, did you see his waffle maker? Id like to pour my batter on that waffle maker. He is ripped!
by The Danglers 304 June 11, 2010
A DP (double penetration) sex move that involves one guy on bottom, a girl in middle, and one more guy on top. Both of the guys fuck the girl at the same time until they cream pie her.
Steve left his wife after experiencing the Waffle Maker.
by Floorpetal March 10, 2022
A person who takes shits on people's backs, and hits them with a tennis racket.
by Littlemanto April 1, 2011
When you take a shit on someone's laptop keyboard, then closer the lid. Making an imprint with the keyboard in a grid like fashion similar to making waffles on a waffle iron.
Dude, he popped a squat over her keyboard and did a waffle maker.
by The poet2 April 24, 2014