adj. The Waffle is a term for someone who has the ability to be smart and make good decisions, but sometimes acts before they think. The action or phrase is usually stupid, and makes everyone think they are dumb.

v. To make yourself seem dumb by saying something or acting out without thinking first
Hunter: "Man, so that's where they keep all the fairies! Fairy Storage!!! DUH!!!"

Andrew: "Hunter, you are now officially The Waffle!!!"
by drew3782 April 10, 2010
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Excessive talking, sometimes to the point where it gets boring and drags on for way too long, aka rambling.
It's a slang word used in Britain, but mainly in London or other parts of England by roadmen / younger generations.
"Bro my Psychology teacher is so boring, they're always waffling about nonsense that has nothing to do with the lesson."
"I definitely failed that History test, I just waffled tbh."
"That Biology question was so long and irrelevant, there was so much waffle in it I barely knew what they were asking me to do."
by lenglengmandem February 11, 2021
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Adding un-necessary lines into a conversation, speech or essay.
Teachers often tell to students not to waffle before submitting an assignment. However, I think about me and my boyfriend playing hardcore on the bed whenever they mention that word.

(some noobs will think about pancakes)
Teacher: Waffling is never a good idea, Katie. Try not to do it

Katie: b b but it feels good Miss.
by rawrrawrhardcorechick December 6, 2009
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When you've been out partying all night and you stop by the Waffle House for crappy hour.
girl #1: What do ya'll wanna do now?
girl #2: I don't know...
girl #3: Hey! Let's waffle it!
all together: Yeah!
by Aunt Heater February 3, 2007
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