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1. acronym for Would You Kindly

2. polite way of asking for something

3. brain control key word from bioshock used by Fontaine or "Atlas".... thats bastard!

1. wyk tell me whats goin on

2. wyk hand me that

3. would you kindly pick up that shore way radio
by BE_PREPARED! August 26, 2007
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Pronounced wick..stands for what you know.

(verb) wyk is a term that can be used when something totally epic happens. It's also a gesture in which you shake profously.

Yo that was a "wyk" moment, start "wyking" dude.

That deserves a "wyk".
by wyking April 10, 2009
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Jim: Are you busy on tuesday?
Tom: I'm not sure
Jim: just lmk wyk
by itsjustaprancc May 13, 2017
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Who you know...

Source: common use in West Africa where ability to get things done depends very much on WYK.
You can get it done, depending on WYK
by sikang May 10, 2018
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