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What Would Master Chief Do?, a parody of WWJD, what would Jesus do?
"Son are you wearing your WWMCD bracelet?"

"Dad I haven't wore that since 8th grade."

by Zac guy February 05, 2009
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What Would Master Chief Do? When stuck in a life-threatening, impossible situation with no realistic plausible means of escape, only a plan thought up by Master Chief would work.
Example #1

Marine 1: Ok, we are stuck behind enemy lines with no ammo and virtually no chance of survival...

Marine 2: We need a plan.... WWMCD?

Example #2

whenever Chuck Norris is in a tough situation he thinks to himself......WWMCD???
by THE KARP August 30, 2009
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What Would Motley Crue Do?

Used mostly when at party or a bar to get someone to take the next shot or chug another beer. Sometimes used to get a person to do something they might not do on a regular basis.

A lifestyle based on the lifestyle that the band Motley Crue use to live. Started by Mandy
Mandy: Come on you know you want another shot.
Me: I donno I think I might of had enough.
Mandy: Come on WWMCD?
Me: Ok "takes shot"
by IxE December 29, 2007
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