A wet vagina is a happy vagina. Some people like to touch the wet vagina. People also insert objects into the wet vagina.
Gee, I'd like to touch that wet vagina.
by vagina pro August 9, 2011
If you searched this on urban dictionary, you’re horny as fuck right now. Get a girlfriend to fuck.
Her: That bitch fucked me, little did I know, I had a wet vagina.
by Yeetthebigtoe June 13, 2020
It’s when a girl vagina or pussy is EXTREMELY wet. She wants to be fucked immediately. If she fingers her self it’ll make a weird sound. You can also get her very wet by licking her vagina/pussy. It’s called “Giving Head”. Some girls will lick their fingers and finger themselves, because it’ll slip right In.
Girl) oh hey big daddy Carlos, I have a super wet vagina

Guy) aight bet bitch I’m finna slide into yo pussy like I slide into yo dm’s
by BootySucker18000.19 ILikeAss February 22, 2019
sexual intercourse in which ejaculation occurs within the vagina, thus wetting the vagina with cum.
He avoids vagina-wetting lest she gets pregnant.
by Uttam Maharjan 2 October 3, 2014
An expletive way of saying something is phenomenal
Bahar: “Guys! Pitbull’s gonna be in town! I’ve already got us tickets!”

Siddhi: “What! Wet ass cooter vagina slay!”
by Tony son of Apollo November 29, 2022