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A really pretty, really cool school that is especially strong in the sciences. Students here are known for being friendly, outgoing, and smart. The name recognition is not where it deserves to be...but it will get there soon. P.s.-Ivies are overrated.
-I go to WUSTL?
-Washington University in St. Louis...only the 11th best school in the nation!!!
by wustl fien May 03, 2005
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Abbreviation for Washington University in St. Louis, 9th ranked school in the country. Nobody has heard of it.
-Yo, wustl fuckin' waitlisted me, man.
-It's because you say "yo". And you don't pop your collar.
by j-dawg April 19, 2004
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Washington University in St. Louis, the SWeetest university in the world. Especially the law school.
Harvard is the WUSTL of Cambridge, MA.
by A WUSTL troll October 16, 2004
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abbreviation for Washington University in St. Louis. The 2nd most expensive school in the United States with nothing to show for the high tuition. Huge party school, thanks to classes being so easy and not being a "dry" campus. There are many good reasons as to why no one has heard of it or associates with anyone who goes there. Many students leave after two years becuase they realize they won't be prepared for anything after they graduate
1: Where do you go to school?
1: What the hell is that?
by watupB January 21, 2005
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