A shortened version of “What the actual Fuck”, WTAF has many similarities to it’s brother “WTF”
A good way to express ones feelings and emotions in just one word.
A: If a mom and her son have a child, is the son the father or brother?
B: Bro, wtaf.
by Shah5ive October 9, 2018
WTAF reads as 'What The Actual Fuck'.
It is what you feel when you receive a rejection from Urban Dictionary for a definition you most definitely did not submit.
Me: "WTAF I don't think zynco means a cool person"
Person: "Am I a zynco then?"
by zynk December 28, 2016
Jimmy: I still have 5 pages of my paper to write. WTAF.
Acronym for "What the actual fuck".

Used when WTF ("what the fuck") would suggest that the fuck is imaginary or nonexistent.
WTAF are you doing with to my dog?
by StarbucksWang December 5, 2019
"What the absolute fuck"

Used to describe the feeling of living on a planet where weebs want to fuck black holes. Yes. That is a thing.
"WTAF is wrong with humanity?"

"WTAF is this shit?"

"WTAF am I still doing alive?"
by Another Wise Ass April 25, 2019
Acronym - 'World Traditional Archery Festival'
Robin: "Hey Jeffrey, are you going to this year's WTAF?"

Jeffrey: "I doubt it, my callouses haven't built up enough yet."

Robin: "Ok, I'll ask Callum instead, hahaha LOL WTAF."
by Hedo Matt November 12, 2010