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An anacronym for "viva la figa" which is italian for "long live pussy"
-dude lets have a brew.
-ok, WLF.
by TheScag November 06, 2007
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A variant on wtf,it stands for "what le fuck". Popularized by the flash video, "end of the world". The acronym should only be used online, while the full meaning should only be spoken out loud. "what le fuck" should also only be intermittently used to replace "what the fuck", over-use may drive your friends to hit you.
ILikeCDs2004: dlokanp093uakonasd;ovn!!!!!!!!!!
MySpaceSucks19: wlf?

Man one: Dude! I got a murse!!
Man two: What le fuck?
by Alex Ralston February 01, 2007
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