Something that one says whilst stealing content

*stolen content here*
by AGazMadonZo October 11, 2016
Used to describe something messy and/or severely out of place.
His workshop looked like who did it and ran.
by thestover November 18, 2008
disheveled, unkempt, not ready, not looking put together, looking undone, unpresentable, not camera ready
I disabled my video for the Zoom meeting because right now I look like who did it and why! Good to hear your voice, though!!!
by stop being nosey February 8, 2021
A word mainly used on Facebook which is used when stealing a meme.
Sometimes replaced with "I'm crying right now😂" or "Tag a friend who does this 😂"
by Ilovedrink November 16, 2021
Someone asked me "who did 9/11" and the answer is bush.
by veronica harris January 24, 2018