Who Gives A Shit- A reaction to any school work, sports workout, or anything in general that requires effort just prior to the week of spring break.
Denise:Hey Charlie, would you like to study for school?
Charlie: Denise, honestly, WGAS anymore?

Dylann: Do you think we should complete this workout?
Brett: WGAS
by tiredoschoolage March 17, 2011
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Used on some UNIX systems by System Admins. A special directory is created callled WGAS. Any file(s) where the owner no longer has an account and takes up excess space is placed here. If nobody asks about the missing file for a month or so, the file(s) is deleted. If someone really does care that a file is missing, then it is moved back in place. It's one way of keeping the system free of junk.
There was one system I became the admin of where it was cluttered by logs and report programs. The system was running low on hard drive space so I began asking about the reports. No one knew about them so I move the report programs and the logs into the WGAS directory. After two months nobody complained so I removed them.
The system freed up a few Inodes and I never heard a complaint from anyone. The system has since been replaced.
by dave vyrd November 25, 2003
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acronym for World Canadian Bureau.

Stephen Abootman is the president/leader/head of the WGA.
by hallwaykun April 7, 2008
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Windows Genuine Advantage. It is a system from Microsoft that detects whether or not you have a genuine copy of Windows, and if not, displays annoying messages and denies access to many Windows downloads. WGA is prone to failure.
Oh crap... WGA keeps popping up a box telling me my Windows isn't genuine. Now I cant download Media Player 11. What the fuck, I've got the COA right here!
by computer_guy February 18, 2008
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Wild Gay Anal - act of anus penetration usually among close friends preferably in the woods.
This usually happens at set time intervals, while every participant have clear role to play.
Want to join WGA? It will be fun, and friendly we raid every Wednesday
by ascended_raider February 11, 2022
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