a term originated from San Francisco, CA, attributed to professional skateboarder Larry Redmon who first coined the term to express the arduous labor of consistent practice in skateboarding tricks...skating hard...putting in work.. etc. Consequently, the term has since evolved to also denote being 'out here' on the hustle, on the grind, surviving the struggle and etceteras

*the term is also exclusively associated with the SF ISLANDMOBB crew who skate the 'Island' downtown San Francisco, at the end of Market street across from the ferry building, adjacent to the Embarcadero (known today as the Justin Hermann Plaza) once the training grounds of the world's most famous skate crew, the EMB (Embarcadero's most blunted) crew comprised of professional skaters, James Kelch, Henry Sanchez, Mike Carroll, Greg Carroll, Jovontae Turner, Mike 'wingding' Cao, Karl Watson, Mike York, Nick Lochman, Chico Brenes and others of which established the foundation of tricks for what is now known today as street skating
by informedasfuk April 21, 2012
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87% chance of being synonymous to the phrase "I am unemployed"
"Yo dawg, how you makin' dat coin?"
"Yu no dawg, we out here"
by tis_ya_bretheren November 24, 2019
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A statement referring to how a specific group of people are "out here" in the streets trying to make a living. Commonly used by Toronto and New York gangstas.
Gangsta 1: "I jus sold a G for 40$"
Gangsta 2: "Jheez we out here"
by Swag Master 101 July 18, 2017
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1.When you or are a group of freinds are just doing random things to have fun

2.when you’re just having a good time
“This is so fun yee haw🤠🤠🤙🏼🤪

Yuss we out here wildin
by Skeeetboi July 5, 2018
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tow or more people who are some where trying to start or join a party.

origination: the east bay area
we out here trynna function

im trynna function

you trynna function

me and my potnas out here trynna function

me and my niggas are going to the function

I'm having a function if you wanna come
by young lala July 31, 2012
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You are here because you have been seeing this definition on a ad right?
I saw this definition “We Out Here” on a ad here on UD
by Pxprobotvidz July 26, 2021
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Doing drugz like your life depends in it.
Leo: hey bruv, what cha doin?
Drew: ay fam, we out here poppin xan
by Jecker_ September 20, 2018
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