WAsco Is an ass kicking town In Cali
That Kill their rivals shafter ass
in every thing cause they sux ass
Wasco Football Freshmen JV and Varsity(07-08) Beat all three of shafters football teams

The freshmen killed SHafter 50-0
And at the end of the Game Shafters
Football Players were crying Like
THey couldn't get laid HAHAHAHA
by Christian Tovar May 05, 2008
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A town that thinks they're L.A. when they're nothing but stupid homo's.

Go Shafter
Wasco sucks!!! Shafter Rules!!!
by Bob November 12, 2003
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A city in Kali-Fornia that can kick Shafters ass like they were just a bunch of rag dolls and I'm Arnold Schwollenpecker the Govener of this fucked up state.
Wasco beat Shafter in their football game. I Arnold approve this message remeber the freshman score wasco 58 shafter 7 for the SSL championship.
by Ian February 14, 2005
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