Win and Loss
W and L as mentioned "W" abbreviated as "Win" and "L" abbreviated as "Lose"; as in "W post" or "W joke" or "L post" or "L joke" or whatever you can add after the letter. It was started in online games to abbreviate win or loss.
by notyourdick October 16, 2022
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If you look in any 2021 twitch stream you will see either W or L’s being spammed

W ~ Win/Dub/Double U

L ~ L/ sees something is bad ig
“Says something that people will like”


“Says or does something people won’t like

Chat: L stream + ratio + you fell off

Streamer: was this a W or L?
by twitchdictionary November 22, 2021
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A cooler version of saying welp or well.
Eden: Hawhaw I can spend April fools pulling pranks on you.
Lydia: w e l p
by tommo tops March 31, 2021
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"Dude I'm heading to w&l next year"
by Cmart320 April 28, 2008
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When someone says “W person.” Or “L haircut.” The W stands for winning. But the L stands for losing. Sometimes it could mean great or bad. Instead of saying “you are a great father.” You could say “W father.”
Fuck bro I messed up your hairline and pushed your shit way back

You know what quandale? Your a L barber!

W / L
by subscribe to TrulyFademan July 14, 2022
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A community of people predominately on Twitch and Twitter that is characterized by personality based content and the use of Ws or Ls in the comments/chat to gauge the audience's approval
Popular W/L community creators include Kai Cenat and iShowspeed
by cooperthecan December 15, 2022
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A streamer who has joined more recently.
Typically they get more alomg how ever fans might be somewhat toxic.
Some popular streamers are people like Kaicenat or Adin ross.
They typically stream on kik or twitch.
Persom #1: Yo W/L streamer name here is my favorite streamer.
Person #2: Same
by MastroniBBG August 31, 2023
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