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Sorry gents, but Vuzz precedes you by quite some time. The real Vuzz was a character by illustrator Druillet that graced the early issues of Heavy Metal that arrived on our shores in the spring of 1977. The entire episode of Vuzz appeared in the Dec. issue of '77.
Some of his story-lines and artwork stand beside Moebius and Corben in imagination and scope. If you could still use the word in the rather banal context after reading the real Vuzz, then feel free to do so. But it's a bad fit and I can safely assume you all not familiar with any of the works of Druillet and one of his finer creations, the original Vuzz.
And so Vuzz joined the rabid pack of Triands, a life of pillage, combat, and feasting began for him.
by vuzz August 26, 2009
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its unexplainable in simple words. But 'vuzz' doesn't just have one meaning, it can explain many reason for enjoying a moment together between friends with dirty minds and a good eye for enjoyable entertainment.

Origin of Vuzz :-
Joseph Patrick Walpert (JPW)
Patrick McNally (PM)

JPW paraded around the garden humming the Darth Vader theme song using the words "vuzz vuzz vuzz" in tune with the melody because he was about to receive sexual pleasures from a lady he believed had 'vuzztacular' features. Shortly after the word 'vuzz' was used by PM when he had just gave a finger-tip fiddle to a girl he had met. The two boys shouted 'vuzz' in their rooms and heard each others calls, they ran outside and asked each other if what they had just heard was real, ladies and gentleman, 'vuzz' was born. From that day forth they have been best friends and the word 'vuzz' is the foundation for their friendship. Rumour has it that when an incident occurs which is such a fantastic moment, the word vuzz becomes 2 words.... "vital vuzz." This is a very rare occassion and is not an everyday word used in the boys' dialogue.
"Ave just flonked a lass all over, it was a total 'vuzz'"

"Did you watch the match last night? Canny good like, 'partial vuzz'"

"Have you seen the graphics on Killzone 2 man? Proper 'vuzz'"

"You got all the Chilis albums? They are a 'vuzz' of a collection"

"A month off college. Loads of birthday money left to spend. Amsterdam for the weekend. Mother has bought new curtains..... Now THAT is a 'vital vuzz.'"
by JPW nd PM November 09, 2007
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