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One whose entire vocaublary consists only of filthy words.

The Language spoken by a resident of Vulgaria.
I supposed I shouldn't have been shocked. He was, after all, a full-blooded Vulgarian.
by PabloCheech October 12, 2005
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A vulgar person who displays his wealth in a vulgar manner.
Ex: Lil Wayne (the perfect vulgarian)
by Musicaltroll July 8, 2012
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a tall bulgarian that lives off of beer and cats. he likes to try to throw girls into traffic and walks on all fours.
ivan is such a vulgarian... hellooooooooooooo
by poalo September 13, 2011
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white-supremacist septuagenarian fucktard whose early-morning defecations are accompanied by spewings of Hitlerian hate speech via Twitter Rage; see Donald J. Trump; also: assclown; Republican
Donald J. Trump is the proto-typical short-fingered vulgarian.
by Eppypotamus June 20, 2019
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Generally used to refer to crude aging twitter addicts with poor spelling skills and even worse judgement. Poofy (bad) hair and spray tan are optional, but common ...
That short-fingered Vulgarian is spouting nonsense and lunacy on his Twitter feed *again*. The number of innapropriate tweets is unpresidented...
by Fugotheugo December 22, 2016
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That short-fingered Vulgarian uses his nubby digits to grab women by the pussy.
by Pink Alpaca December 21, 2016
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