1. A system of communication stemming from immature, and retarded humor. Over a period of time, close friends or kin develop a language through which they can speak without revealing their conversation, similar to that of jibberish, though the words are usually pronounced by means of mumbling, almost impossible to understand pronunciation, usually made more difficult to decipher by mixing in slang. Not to be confused with ebonics, ever.
Brother 1: "shih dem duhe, chihk hs fuhin nc as."

Brother 2: -Laughing/Nod-

Translation: "Shit, damn dude, that chick has a fuckin' nice ass."

I dubbed it "The Language", because it's the best form of communication you can have between a close friend, and maybe now more people will use it.
by xerocide January 4, 2006
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It is a language used to disguise what you are saying so that you can speak freely with you friends about "inappropriate" things without anyone knowing. It is used by taking "s" sounds and turning them into "d" sounds. It has also evolved so that you will turn some vowels into long "i" sounds. The most recent evolution in it is to turn the beginnings of some syllables, and "j's" into "y" sounds.
The Language:
The most common example is with the word cheese. It gets transformed from cheese, to cheede, to chide, to yide.

Another example is with intercourse. It gets transformed from intercourse, to intercord, to interkide, to inerkide, eventually it just became "the kide"
by Nig Mid May 28, 2011
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Language: A term in which if you ever curse around Steve, you will hear regularly.
Tony: “sHiT
Steve: “Language!”
by Still_a_piece_of_garbage July 19, 2018
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a common word to be used by bbh (badboyhalo) when someone swears
by {pumpkin pie animations} January 22, 2021
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example: ".....?" - "....!"
by wolfgang May 13, 2004
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Language is a synonyme for Fuck you stop Fucking swearing you motherFucker, mostly used by famous youtuber BadBoyHalo to insult other people like Skeppy, Quackity and others.
*someone says a swearword*
by Merrikoer April 8, 2021
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