Call me a nitpicky fuckerfish, but you guys are wrong. Voter fraud is when the voter cheats, not the candidate, that's called election fraud, or electoral fraud!
Cloning your voting paper and submitting 2 votes is an example of voter fraud.
by Itz Rob August 24, 2016
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A method of winning an election whereby votes are illegaly discounted, reducing the number of votes against the candidate. Or winning an election by illegaly adjusting the number of votes upwards so a winning candidate has more votes than they actually received.
George W. Bush became the current occupant of the White House through voter fraud.
by jesster79 February 10, 2006
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A false narrative for why Republicans lose elections when it is actually because they have failed at policy and have the worst possible leader
The idiot criedvoter fraud” when he lost an election so badly because of his failures.
by UrbanDefinitionMaker November 13, 2020
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An coping mechanism used deflect the fact that you are fired and lost by a landslide.
"I still won, only not officially because of wide scale Voter Fraud."
by August0405 November 22, 2020
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An accusation one makes when they lose an election. This may be used to assert that a given election is rigged.
Thomas: "I don't get why people think the 2020 election was rigged against Trump, I mean, he got way closer than any political scientist thought was possible."
Aiden: "Voter fraud!"
by DoctorFalcon November 11, 2020
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Voter fraud is when liberals and minorities are able to legally vote in elections without anyone stopping them.
There are literally THOUSANDS of cases of voter fraud in south Chicago! I had to go and vote twice just to even things out.
by Ingoman November 2, 2010
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