A vortex is when u swirl a drink around in a bottle so it comes out fast. It is like chugging but in a swirling motion
Hey mate do a vortex
*swirls bottle up to mouth*
*chuggs while swallowing*
“Chug! Chug! Chug!”
Ayyyyy lad that one was fast
by CookieMonster762 March 7, 2021
The long known character of Vortex from “The Transformers” is often remembered for his liking of mayonnaise, his popular catchphrase heard often in his own long forgotten spinoff series “Vortex of Cybertron”, was “mAyOnNaIsE!!!”. This addictions sprang a term where transformers fans would refer to mayonnaise fans as “Vortex Boys”.
“You put so much mayonnaise on your sandwiches you vortex boy”
by xX Vortex_fan5289 Xx November 19, 2020
(stoner 1)- Dude, im tired of making gravity bongs out of 2-liter bottles
(stoner 2)- lets go get a Vortex
by Reid Patrick May 27, 2008
When you talk to someone who is real dumb, they just stare at you and it is clear that there is very little brain activity as they attempt to understand what you are saying.
I just got vortexed by that fucker, I almost got sucked in!
by Atrizzle April 29, 2008
An awesome free game that will addict you. If you liked Diablo 2, Vortex Quake 2 will deprive you of hours of sleep.
"Vortex Quake 2 must be awesome dude.. ever since Jordan told me it he hasn't come out one single weekend."
by projectvortex July 18, 2009
The most uncomfortable, crotch-bruising, yet fun rollercoaster at californias great america. you are forced to stand up on this roller coaster but there is a thin seat that is there for some reason that digs into your ass and crotch.
kyle: lets go on The Vortex!
josh: no man you go on last time i got on i waddled like a penguin for the rest of the day
by bomchickawowow August 1, 2009