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Getting eaten out from the inside of the posterior and being oblivious to it.

(both figuratively and literally)

In 2007 Jared Kushner bought his satanic palace at 666 Fifth Ave. In 2011, 2 years after marrying Ivanka Trump, Vornado Realty Trust became 50% equity partner of the building. Jared now sitting high as his father-in-law, Donald Trump has appointed him in charge of brokering peace in the middle east and destroying ISIS (please read spearheading a religious war). America finds that corruption has been chewing on the insides of it's ass for years...milk and honey for everyone!
The Voice of Russia Tornado of Realty
David, while quite the Democrat, didn't notice the reverse Vornado he received late one afternoon men times.
by Gerry Khan April 06, 2017
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Vornado is a term that was coined in 2010 after the Eminem and Rhianna song "Love the way you lie" hit the airwaves. The word is a combination of tornado and volcano. It is used to describe a clearly disfunctional relationship that consists mainly of fighting and sex.
Man, have you paid any attention to Eddie and Anna lately, that relationship is a vornado.
by CheeksnEars January 14, 2011
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