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Much like its male version "epstein", an epstin as a female that is gangbanged by multiple douchebags usually wearing pink shirts, wrist bands, and any or all fraternity swag. Unlike an "epstein" these guys usually range from 19 - 23 years old.
Anna is such an epstin every time we go to a party all the frat guys bang her!
by CheeksnEars August 31, 2010

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Vornado is a term that was coined in 2010 after the Eminem and Rhianna song "Love the way you lie" hit the airwaves. The word is a combination of tornado and volcano. It is used to describe a clearly disfunctional relationship that consists mainly of fighting and sex.
Man, have you paid any attention to Eddie and Anna lately, that relationship is a vornado.
by CheeksnEars January 14, 2011

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