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The Allura type is a girl who is absolutely stunning in every way, even despite her flaws! When Ariana Grande wrote “God is A Woman” she was talking about Allura, these are facts! Allura is like the Regina George of life, except she is everybody’s friend and she does charity work on the weekends. She’s smart, beautiful, talented and almost a goddess in the presence of us normal roaches. Don’t even look at her because chances are your mortal eyes are undeserving of looking at her blessed cleansing light. An Allura pairs best with a Lotor and doesn’t work well with the Larry. Legend has it that if Allura touches you, your life will be blessed with untold riches and prosperity.
The Allura: h-
Me, crying: take my wallet, take whatever you want, I love you sunshine, never stop being amazing
by Whisp February 03, 2019
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A beautiful blue eyed princess, the most enchanting mermaid of the sea. Sweet loving caring beautiful girl who is Dada's little angel.
What a beautiful Allura...
by Dada B June 30, 2010
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An Altean princess that defines people based on what's in their blood. Especially hates you if you have Galra blood. Doesn't care about how many times her life is saved by someone with Galra blood, she will hate them anyway. She tries to give an apology, but that doesn't really account for all the hurt she caused. All of the snake glares she gives someone doesn't just fade away because of an apology.'re being such an Allura right now. Think about his feelings too!
by ProtectKeith<3 May 16, 2017
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The original space mom,
An altean princess from ten thousand years ago who has pretty white hair and dark skin with pink altean marks under her eyes. Also I should add, most people hate her because she gets in the way of their ship
You look as beautiful as Allura, wow!
by Don'tBeFREAKINrude August 13, 2018
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The most wonderful person you will ever meet! She is kind,pretty,funny,and smart! She is loved by everybody!
Allura is so funny!
by Ka-RazyDogLady October 29, 2016
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Old French Origin meaning to entice or allure.

has black and orange braces.
is in Katies multimedia class.

makes some badass bone raps
by idkkkkkkkkk? November 18, 2008
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