A blunt so big that s few minutes later you'll think Voldemort just hit you with the Avada Kedavra spell.
Roll up a voldie for me, it was a long day.
by skye.walker July 31, 2011
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A play name for Voldemort, the villain of Harry Potter. Scorpius Malfoy says this when he is comforting Albus. It is funny.
A: I hate Moldy Voldy!
B: No, Umbridge is much worse than Moldy Voldy!!!!
C: I hate Harry Potter...
by IloveHarryPotteritisthebest November 12, 2018
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Sneezing so hard that you think your nose is at risk of falling off.
John: OMG
Chris: What?
John: I just sneezed so hard I thought my nose may fly off!!

Chris: Ahh thats the classic Voldie-Sneeze
by karach September 11, 2011
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Some one who has a weird nose like voldermort from the Harry Potter franchise
"She's hot!"
"Nah dude she a voldi"
by Generally-Sheev September 27, 2018
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its voldemort you know the dude with no nose's nick name

once mentioned by ronald weasley .
" wheres voldy gone now? to kill potter again?"
by voldy_mouldy June 10, 2021
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