although in Spanish it means "I am alive" it also means awesome, super awesome, and talented in music and/or sports. It's pretty rare for someone to be called this cause there is probably only one person in this world who is called Vivo. If you do meet this person:
1) Give yourself a pat on the back
2) Give the person a hug
3) Give yourself a candy

4) note that you are one of the luckiest person ever.
Yeah. That's why I'm Vivo.
by easynaming July 12, 2010
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Short for Vivola, a southern Italian pasta dish, similar in looks and taste to sausage ravioli.
The vivo served durng the dinner reception was fabulous!
by Luigi negron November 9, 2008
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If you've ever woken up and thought to yourself "i want to chew through a cement block and use a rusty nail to pick my teeth" then you're halfway to understanding the ideal that is vivo mexico. A drink, a dip, an invention by minds far greater than mine. In its most simple, physical form it is a 1/2 shot of jose cuervo (regular of especial) tequila and a 1/2 shot of tostito's chunky salsa. It goes down about as smooth as a handful of glass shards and tastes about as good as a turd wrapped in a kleenex.

But it is more than the drink. Vivo Mexico is a mentality required by the man whose BAC is never below .08. To kick a night off with a vivo mexico you either have to have more balls than the Iceman Chuck Lidell or have down syndrome; and either way you know you're going to have a good time. If by the end of the night you've hidden behind a bush in flight from a giant ogre, pissed in a water fountain, smoked more hookah than the caterpillar in alice in wonderland, were too numb to notice when you put the blunt out on your hand and couldnt get your dick hard enough to have sex with the fatty on the third floor--send out a special thanks to Vivo Mexico. When being a man just isn't enough. Vivo will make you an ultra-man

Note - Invented on the campus of UNC - Chapel Hill

Variations on the vivo mexico shot include

Vivo Mexico Dirty - 1/2 salsa, 1/2 tequila + whipping cream

Vivo Mexico Clean - 1/2 salsa, 1/2 tequila + listerine

Vivo Mexico Round 2 - 1/2 salsa, 1/2 tequila + spitting it all up and then drinking it again
vivo mexico is illegal in 13 countries
by vivo mexico October 17, 2005
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Vivo 50(V我50) is a Chinese slang, which means 用微信转给我50块(Give me 50 yuan on Wechat). "Vivo" is the pronounciation of "Vme(V我)" in Chinese, and "V" is the pronounciation of "We" in "Wechat".

People use this phrase to be sarcastic or jealous of someone who is richer than them or more developed than their area.
A: I have the same sports car at home as the one in the video.
B: Vivo 50 can can need power(Give me 50 yuan to see how rich you are)
by FANCONMA! July 9, 2023
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(noun) latin for "live again." When someone dies, they relive their life.
Rylan died, so he's living his life again in a vivo iterum; you're just a video playback.
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Indie horror game heavily inspired by the Silent Hill games

Also if Silent Hill was a fps
Too bad Konami won't ever make another Silent Hill, but hey at least there's a game that I heard was kinda like Silent Hill, called Lost in Vivo, maybe I should get it.
by K-Dogg1 May 5, 2019
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