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Different from other girls. Just loves good vibes. Easy going. Can be shy at times but once you get to know her she's a pretty funny person you'll want to be around. If you ever meet a Vivianna just know she's always real about everything. Fellas I wouldn't let a Vivianna go so easily. Once she's really about a certain guy you'll never second guess if she cares about you. So you'd be lucky, but for one thing ever mess with Vivianna the wrong way she the type to cut your d*** off.
Ex: Sometimes i don't know what I would do without Vivianna
by Jdemitts April 24, 2017
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A derivative of Vivian and Anna, that combines the meanings of both and describes a girl that is awesome, lively, and beautiful. Very uncommon name, but that's because everyone wants it, even guys. Gives rise to a whole new generation of wannabes.
Damn have you seen that girl Vivianna? I wanna get in her pants

Well you can't, she's way out of your league
by fobazn March 23, 2010
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