When a personal relationship helps you getting something in day to day life.

B as in the first letter of Beziehung, the German word for relationship.
"how did you get that job?"

" I got it through vitamin B!" (aka a friend of a friend recommended me for example)
by collegegirl1000 July 2, 2018
That extra "umph" that people of a certain skin color possess that allows them to soar to the top of high jumps, the end of finish lines, the most baskets per game, and for small skinny guys to bench twice as much as big white guys.
Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt was recently tested for several steroids, after his astounding triple gold medal finish at the 2008 Olympics. Scientists were puzzled by the absence of performance enhancing substances such as desoxymethyltestosterone, or bolandiol, and were shocked to discover enormous levels of Vitamin B in his blood.

Similar examples can be used by replacing Usain Bolt with Michael Johnson, Carl Lewis, Magic Johnson, Tyson Gay, Terrell Owens, Jerry Rice, and That Black Guy.
by FlappingChocoboModel January 22, 2009
Slang for the great Aussie Beer VB (victoria Bitter) offen used by die hard VB drinkers
person A: There going to be goon at the party?
Person B: #&%# No, Vitamin B only Bruzz!
by Greenie1985 March 20, 2006
*The term used for the after morning pill, which is known as Plan B.

* A method in preventing any little mistakes.

* When the 'pull & pray' method just might not be enough

* When a girl lies about being on birth control because she wants to prevent weight gain/stretch marks/loss of libido/a fleeing spouse, because she can rely on her Vitamin-B

* A must have vitamin which prevents unwanted pregnancies, parent-hood, and must be consumed after unprotected sex. There is a high risk of mood swings and uncontrollable pms mood swings amongst females.

* A great excuse to have sex without being on birth-control, or if you forget to wrap it up.
* I'm visiting my boyfriend but I'm not on the pill. I have already packed my Vitamin-B.

John - "You're on birth control right?"
Cindy - " no."
John - "I just came."
Cindy - "Don't worry about it... I'll take a Vitamin-B."
by Parenthood, smart choices November 28, 2011
Primarily South African (especially Capetown) slang for a popular hood drink; Brandy and Coke.
guy one: sup my bru? what'd you do yesterday?

guy two: eh, nothing, just sat on the back of my grandaddy's Jalopy heavy dosing some good old Vitamin B&C.

guy one: lekker.
by tokoloshe February 16, 2012
Large bottle. around 40 oz. or less. that has Malt, Hopps, Barley or Rice.
for all the stress in our adult world ue always can enjoy a bottle of vitamin b-40. Get some Vitamin B - 40 will keep the doctor away.
by Edger II May 31, 2006