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People who you only know through the internet or text messaging. People you've never met, and more than likely never will. This can also apply to those people who live their entire social lives through the computer. The term is short for virtual, due to the fact that these people are not real, only virtual.
Kyra: I have so many facebook friends, and some boys who like me! The boy's name is Josh and he lives in Texas.

Adam: Have you ever actually met, or have any proof that he's real?

Kyra: No...

Adam: He's just a virt, not a real person.

Kyra: Shut up, he loves me!
by Zootlives January 01, 2010
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A virt is a type of 'breaking wind' fart.

verb. When you do a virt.

noun. The gas that exits your body.

Making this sound that starts low and increases in
pitch, implies that you have sat down, got up awkwardly, bent down or picked something heavy up off of the floor.

Realistically, the term virt is used for the sound of gas exiting your anus. Usually this happens at a very serious time or when noise is forbidden eg. a library, a church.

'Virt' is said and pronounced like the skateboarding ramp, vert.

From time to time, virt can be said in a tuneful manner, creating a pleasant melody. eg. virt virtttt virt virt virt!
4 Repomen walk into a church, to take away the benches. When one of them crouches down to pick up a bench by the corner, his trousers rip and a *VIRT* is let out innocently.
by youatemybird January 15, 2007
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short for "virtual hanging", usually performed on Xbox360's GTA4. Virting is a the poor and lazy mans way to having fun with a friend.
i cant wait to virt with shawn later, were gunna go fly some helicopters and pickup the hott chicks.
by dan313 July 10, 2008
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