A marijuana steward.
A weed professional.
Someone who knows all there is to know about marijuana.

From the Latin word "Viriditas" meaning 'Weed' and "ier" in French meaning 'a person who is concerned with something specific.'
I am not sure which strain I would like. Can I please speak to your Viridier so they can help me decide?
by maredoe September 19, 2020
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The name Viridi is Latin for: Young or Fresh. Viridi’s are the cutest most epic girls you will ever meet. Viridi’s sually have many friends and excel in academics and the martial arts. If you test a Viridi, you will regret it. Viridi’s are tough on the outside and LOVE nature. Viridi’s can get very frustrated at times when they cannot understand what they are doing. They can be a bit irritable but are loyal to the very end. Viridi’s tend to be a bit shy at first, but once you get to know them, they never be quiet! Viridi’s often have attitude and the Faculty in public places tend not to be very fond of them. Viridi’s are often child prodigies and get into college at a very young age. Viridi’s are extremely particular on which people they are friends with and have quite a few friends. Viridi’s tend to choose one older (by about a year or so) motherly figure and four to five slightly more immature friends. Viridi’s are often picked on in school because of their maturity and intelligence. Viridi’s also enjoy classic arts such as music, illustration, and writing. Viridi’s can be a bit clingy, but often enjoy times to themselves. Viridi’s, more often than not, have low self-esteem and trust issues, but most of all, Viridi’s are the best friends and have an extremely special and unique name. If you know a Viridi, cherish them, and if you are a Viridi, love your specialness. :)
Motherly Figure Princess: Hey, Viridi! How was the test? I know you studied very hard for it. I remember helping you with the quantum physics, but try not to get so frustrated with them.

Viridi: I won’t know until Thursday what I got, but I believe I did alright.

Immature Friend 1 Nasim: Hi Viridi! Guess what Shalini did today? Go on guess!

Viridi: Um… what did our classmate do? Not that I care so much, Nasim.

Immature Friend 2 Lesli: Shalini is dating…

Viridi: Hm? Lesli? When did you get here?

Immature Friend 3 Hannah: Bradley June!

Viridi: Hannah? Okay, if anyone else is going to pop out at me, do it now.

Immature Friend 4 Joslynne: How are you not surprised, Viridi?

Viridi: I don’t really partake in gossip, Joslynne.

Immature Friend 5 Nakita: Viridi, you are sooo weird.

Viridi: Um… thanks, Nakita?
by Kon’nichiwa watashi desu March 22, 2013
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A terrifying race of green assimilators until you watch Voyager cause coffee can beat em'
A viridi assimilans assimilat! Let's study it and put all the Hansens in danger and somehow predict that our baby girl will help Starfleet learn all about the delta quadrant!
by Chromium is bad September 10, 2018
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There is only one viridi ibis.
by Gupu January 20, 2018
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The scientific name for a green tree python. The full version of More (more-e) a rare nickname for a smart snake lover.
"Okay, enough snake facts, Morelia viridis"
by Morelia viridis September 25, 2020
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