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A beautiful brunette with gorgeous green and golden brown eyes. She might think she's ugly, but she's far from ugly. She is trustworthy and loyal. She's a helpful person. Everyone wants to be friends because of how nice she is. She's mysterious, cute, dangerous, humorous, creative, and unique. She's the sweetest person you'll ever meet. Even though she's a little weird sometimes, it's pretty funny. she can get to be bossy, but it only makes her cuter. She is worthy and deserves all the love there is.
"I love Joslynne."

" Joslynne is one of a kind. "

"You should be more like Joslynne."
by Ms.Taken June 23, 2018
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The bitchiest of all bitches. Very loud, and annoying. Has very annoying and weird habits. Plain simple words- WEIRD.
by anonymous231 June 18, 2014
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