The Lockheed F-16 Fighting Falcon. Coined by early pilots likening it to the Colonial Viper on Battlestar Galactia.
The Viper took off from Gunsan Air Force Base in South Korea.
by Colin Ritter August 06, 2003
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The Dodge Viper is the most kick-ass car around. It totally owns the Corvette, no matter what anyone says.
"Although, the old Viper was cooler-looking; the current model isn't as luscious as the old one."
by Dave October 21, 2004
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An adjective that is synonymous with extremely cool, awesome, amazing, etc. Mostly used by people of the "hipster" classification, but is also common among others.

Originated from blogger Dan Bergstein on "Sparknotes."
Jenny: "Hey, look at my new shoes!"
Melissa: "I love them, they're so viper!"

Emily: "Hey, are you going to Heather's party this weekend?"
Sofia: "Yeah, I heard it's supposed to be viper!"
by born2perform313 February 15, 2011
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The process of fingerbanging someone with your pointer finger and middle finger crossed.
Bro, I did the Viper last night!
No way bro?!!
Yes, way! She loved it!
by beremiecancilla June 20, 2011
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(n.) A swift coordinated move, in which the attacker approaches an unassuming victim who is standing up. The attacker kneels down and, with gusto and vim, sticks his/her arm between the victim's legs and reaches up to pinch the victim's belly. As this happens the attacker yells out, "Viper!!" Please note, the viper must be done with care, lest contact with other organs is accidentally made. (v. to viper) to give a person the viper
(n.) Oh my god, I can't believe that guy gave me the viper!

(v.) That's right, chump! You've just been vipered!
by RCP April 10, 2006
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From the 1930's - someone who smokes weed - a tea bandit
That fucking viper smoked my whole stash. Are you tellin' me Wayne Brady's gonna have to choke the bitch.
by Bo Dizzle May 13, 2004
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Whilst an unexpecting victim is standing, or more preferably bending over, another person approaches with index and middle fingers extended and sinks them into the man's grundle/gooch/taint and proclaims victoriously, "Viper!".
A very painful and startling move that must be executed with precision otherwise the awkward, "why did you just stick your fingers in my ass you fag?" will surely follow.
"So this douche was bending over tying his shoes, and I went over and gave him the worst viper in the world. He actually jumped over the bench he had propped his foot up on."
by T-Pab September 11, 2006
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