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Violett is a beautiful girl who has a hard time fitting in but is loyal and loves her friend she loves reading and will always be honest to you.

All she wants form you is for you to be loyal and love her forever.she also loves shopping and fashion
Friend:hey want to go shopping?
Violett:of course! Why wouldn't I
by Guuuuur December 18, 2017
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An unbelievable beautiful girl who's name is taken from a flower/colour for the interests in romance and passion, she loves sexual playfighting and and probably eats alot of granatΓ€pple. Violett is Gustin for " a/an perfect " and means also in Swedish, I love my baby so much that i would die for her
"Damn Gustav And Violett are a nice couple"
by iloveyouviolett December 11, 2016
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