Usually referred to as (Vin-CHI), is a whitewash asian that definitely still looks and sounds like his heritage. Vinci's usually are quite quiet and conservative, but once given the devils juice, are one loud and fun specimen. Vinci's are often smart but not in the nerdy way and usually get really attached to women because he himself is a romantic. He does as he chooses without caring of what people think of him, but deep down takes everything you say to him to heart, even though it might not seem so.
Nigga: Damn! this nigga vinci took mah girl again, its ok doe because im not gettin her back anyway he fine as hell damn no homo.
by JiggaJuice2010 December 1, 2016
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A label for someone who carries themselves in a unique extra-ordinary fashion. A person who stands out of a crowd the most due to his habits or the way he/she presents themselves.
"Lady gaga is the Vinci of new fashion trend setting."

"Her friends are ugly but damn, she's a Vinci!"

"He's weird, but i like him because he's a Vinci"
by DaVinci, Picaso, Shakespear December 20, 2011
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shortened name for the island of saint Vincent known for BETTER!! carnival than Trinidad and jouvert(a party starting at 12:01am and ends at any point in the day never before 8:00 am also this party includes throwing of paint) but also a person can be called vincy
that boy is a vincy

i going vincy for the summer
by big up vincy July 11, 2008
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Name of a strong, sexy, tall, funny, Italian man. The most amazing man in the world. He has the biggest heart, and the kindest soul. Lives to give to others. He never regrets anything he has done wrong, but regrets the good things he has done for the wrong people. Highly intelligent, a mastermind if you will. He is also usually an electrician. He is my best friend, my lover, my soulmate, my world!
I love Vincie more than any person has ever loved someone.

Vincie is the greatest thing that has ever happened to me.
by jk082103 December 21, 2016
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vincy is a super attractive girl with big boobies and defiantly has undiagnosed ADHD.
by willy42151241 December 27, 2022
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An artist who specializes in pictures of cocks.
" dude that rhino penis collage you made is crazy! you're a regular cock-vinci"
by epicj October 9, 2013
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The sexual act of ejaculating semen into ones hand as to make a bowl of paint then painting your partners face with said semen
She was a freak, I gave her the da Vinci last night. It was a work of art
by TCGREEZY November 21, 2018
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