Hugely under celebrated span suspension bridge in Los Angeles linking Los Angeles harbor with San Pedro and terminal island. While it's been used in several films and TV shows it's most prominently featured in the 1985 thriller to live and die in la
In spite of it's 'star turn', this bridge has nevt become a tourist attraction like it's more well known brethren San Francisco s golden gate bridge or New Yorks. Brooklyn bridge
On a more somber note.the bridge was. Most recently in the national spotlight in August of 2012 when director Tony Scott (brother of the acclaimed director Ridley Scott) took his own life by jumping off the span of this bridge
The vincent Thomas bridge is prominently featured in the closing credits of the movie "to live and die in la"driven by the pulse pounding score of Wang Chungs. Seminal hit song "wait".
by 4realazitgits March 31, 2021
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a man made of 100% testosterone
he has spliffing skills that are feared by the gods
friend: ayy Vincent Wakandahuis spif!
Vincent: spiffs so god damn hard he creates a black hole
by skem500 August 19, 2019
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A troll and selfish person son of bitch. He loves to stay at home and masturbate.
My name is Vincent Wong and I am best at cock sucking.
by 100percentsWriter November 23, 2021
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