3 definitions by superleetkillah-cap-a-cop

1) A comedian with red hair.

2) An Orange T-Shirt
ex#1: Dude Shaun White's hair makes him look like Carrot Top.

ex#2: Gina you bitch lemme borrow that Carrot Top.
the male version of Va Jay Jay. Vagina

slang for Man-gina. male butt hole, usually for gay ppl.
dude Jacob got a carrot up the Man Jay Jay while he was asleep
An alternative video website to YouTube. Mostly used by bloggers to post new videos on their blog. Mostly just music videos.

People may use it more when they are tired of all the Google Ads that flood YouTube.
Person1: Have you heard of Vimeo?
Person2: Nah...
Person1: o.O