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A person who believes he is better than everyone just because he plays games that are underrated and unpopular.

These types of Elitists think they know how game design works, and sometimes they pretend to know what they're talking about, but they just spit out random facts and criticisms that they themselves know make no sense but still say to boost their ego.

Video Game Elitists are commonly known to be narcissistic and douchey. They outright disrespect the opinions of others, try way too hard to be "different," and think that they're of a higher position just because they think they're "different."
Paul: Thomas just made fun of me for being a fan of Undertale...

Adrian: Man, Thomas is such a Video Game Elitist
by BrosifJoseph May 25, 2017
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Video game elitists are impotent, socially retarded fucksticks who honestly believe, with sincerity, that being able to push buttons and make simulated shit happen with any skill, is impressive to anyone over the age of eight and with an I.Q. higher than "drug testing chimp...'s post-flung shit".

In general, elitists of any kind, just standing around, are pathetic. It really should be legal, that if you saw an elitist, out assholing around town (or whatever they do) you could just wallop the bastard out of them for a good free minute, before being arrested and hauled off to court, where, you would receive a slap on the wrist. And by "slap on the wrist", I mean dinner for two at your choice of local, mid-range sit-down eateries.

In fact, the judge should award you a handful of Mrs. Fields cookies and hardy thank you for a job well done.
"You're doing God's work, Elitist basher!!!"

A -video game- elitist is so shitty, that they should, pretty much, be beaten all day long.
They should roll out of bed...directly into someone's fist and, the beating should last from that moment, to about the time they're knocked unconscious at night (after a long, hard day of "owning nubs", "pwning scrubs" and defecating into an official, limited edition, Unreal Tournament 3 Leet Helper "shitting bucket".
Video Game Elitist example that I was too tired, stupid and/or apathetic to write.
by Lig Na Baste March 01, 2009
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A person who affirms a faith in or allegiance to something intended for children.
I became a Video Game Elitist at Yardale where I had a four-o grade average.
by kurtish May 15, 2016
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