A useless piece of gunk, that just makes you want to kys cuz its so horrendous.
Oh look! it's a victor!
Oh eww... not a victor, please no.
by balliestic April 14, 2021
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Victor is black
Victor is black.
by ewudu January 10, 2021
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Victor is a special kind of guy. He will certainly play you if you let him but other than that he is pretty cool. He is kinda funny but don’t let it get to their head as they can get super cocky. Victors can be very sweet but also quite a dick it really depends. Victors are very attractive but they know they are attractive so sometimes they can be full of themselves. Overall though, try your luck with a Victor you never know!
I miss victor, he was a good homie.
by 009aa May 24, 2020
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Victor is a outgoing person who if he doesn't have a girlfriend after middle school will have one as a freshman. Victor is a pretty funny guy but kinda awkward sometimes he might stutter but that's only because he likes you or he is thinking too ahead of time. Victor could drop you to the ground like that so don't mess with him. Victor is a pretty cute guy and hot at the same time when he combs his hair. He has deep brown eyes that people always will get lost in if they make eye contact. His dark brown hair is soft and very wild but when he combs it he looks hotter that the sun. Victor is the type of guy who would do anything for you if your his friend or girlfriend. People who mess with Victor end up having trouble with a lot of people because of his friendships with everyone. Sometimes Victor could steal your girl but its not on purpose usually it's if the girl forces themselves onto him.
Friend: Ayo bro I bet the girls always talking about you
Victor: No way

Girls: * Giggle and wave at Victor *
Victor: * Waves back and turns to friend * Maybe you were right
Friend: Mhmm
via giphy
by Soft_Otter89 April 27, 2021
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Victor seems like a genuinely great guy but in reality he is a manipulative narcissist who only cares about himself. He is not someone to trust with your heart, because he will take advantage of any kindness given to him. He will play the victim to belittle the hurt he has caused someone else.
Victor gaslits me when I try to tell him how I am feeling.
by lesmiserables16 June 08, 2021
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