to check someones vibe, state of mind or mood

or just to harass
person 1:
person 2: h-
person 1: vibe check.
by Meraki October 17, 2019
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When u try and check someones vibes, typically done with a knife but also done with blunt objects like a males vagina or breasts
-Ay did u check julius caesars vibe in the senate today?
-Yes my g i done the vibe check with my knife
by THE REAL VIBE CHECKER October 28, 2019
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A process in which someone is checked for their ‘vibe’.
The vibe check’ looks to find out how someone presents themselves and treats others.

A best friend may perform ‘The vibe check’ on a prospective boyfriend of her BFF to see if she thinks he’s suitable.
“I need to introduce you to a guy, I need to know if he passes the vibe check
by humanwho'snameisalreadytaken October 17, 2020
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When some fucking scary emoji thingy with it’s big ass Oompa Loompa mouth comes with its crusty ass big ass hands to check your vibe. If you fail the vibe check, it’ll release emoji movie 2. Beware
Bro, did you get a vibe check yet? I got mine and I passed :D but his crusty ass fingernails got in my mouth ;(
by 1f1n1 December 26, 2019
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When someone wearing plate body armor gets slammed by a big, slow round that doesn't penetrate but will still let you know it was there.
.450 Bushmaster comin' to vibe check your plates. You gon' shit a kidney, boi.
by Kompress0r September 8, 2020
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A checking if you current vibe output usually checked by a cursed emoji.if you’re vine is not strong enough you fail the vibe check and get taken by the emoji to pass your vibe must be a 8.1 or higher
Emoji: looks

Tony: um hello
Emoji: stares

Emoji: you have failed the vibe check

by Fat yoshii October 24, 2019
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A common saying used directly before attacking someone, used to test reaction times, as well as just announce that you're going to beat the shit out of a person.
Andy: "Did you hear about the school shooting recently?"
Tom: "Yeah. Those dumb fucks got vibe checked."
by TheDerpHead January 5, 2020
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