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A condition that occurs mainly among 40-50 something year old women who have had enough of their 50-60 something year old husbands prescription for Erectile Deficiency medication ...

This condition can apply to women of all ages and social positions, mistresses,strippers, secretaries, hookers/escorts ...
Stella: Wow Ethel your husband can hardly keep his hands off you since he got his "Instant-Boner Happy-time Medication" for E.D.

Ethel: Yeah and I am so over it, he may have the urges of a 22 year old soccer boy but they're locked up in the flabby 64 year old body of an outta shape accountant ... I am totally VIAGRAVATED !
by damagicman63 May 29, 2010
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The frustrated feeling women (and men) get from having sexual advances made on/toward them by men whom God and nature have decided are too old to be having sex but thanks to the wonders of modern medicine can continue to get their cadaverous components erect for decades.
Me and my friends were out clubbing and got pretty viagravated from guys our fathers' ages trying to get in our pants.
by uncarvedblock89 January 17, 2011
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An emotional (usualy angry) response to one taking an extreme amount of viagra. causing redness in the face and usual holding down of the genitalia.
Me: yo bro whats wrong with you.

Bro: Karen came over last night.....lets just say im viagravated
by MrniceguyYTF November 28, 2011
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