A hard-on produced or facilitated by Viagra, or any other such prescription drug for "erectile dysfunction." Viagr-ons are different from naturally-occurring erections in that they are more easily attained and don't require the same amount of genuine sexual stimulation. Also, they tend to last longer and throb more intensely.
I wasn't really into (her/him), but I had a total Viagr-on, so I figured, "What the Hell?"

by Greg ONeill December 8, 2006
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What e-mail spammers are constantly trying to "sell" me.
Every day, my inbox is flooded with messages telling me to buy "disscount (sic) Viagr@" so I can "enlarge my small d!ck", which is particularly odd, considering that I don't even have one in the first place.
by Blinx-the-kitty October 13, 2008
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Of or pertaining to acting like or being like, a big or hard penis.
During that conference call, Rob was certainly viagrative.

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by Sean Gray the Linux Guy September 21, 2007
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