The Brazilian Portuguese version of faggot, used in an offensive or friendly manner to others, especially gay people.
Viadinho is the diminutive of it.
"E ai, viado." (Whats up, faggot.)
"Que viado." (What a faggot.)
by Plebiannn February 28, 2021
This guy I saw at the club was super viado
by Ciclope September 19, 2019
Viado in Brazilian Portuguese can have two definitions, one is a way to call a Gay person. Other way is used to call good friends, without get a kick in the ass, if you want a word similar in english, it would be "mother fucker" some cases, I guess it's the closest translation, It's so used in Brazil, that you'll not have problems with your friends if you call them using that. Sometimes you use the diminutive way of VIADO, as viadinho, or the augmentative way, as viadão.

These examples below are to call friends.

E aí viado, tranquilo ? (What's up 'viado', how you doin'?)
Fala viado! (What's up 'viado')
Coé viadão, como vai? (What's up 'viadão', how are you doing?
Fala viadinho, tudo bem? (What's up 'viadinho', is everything fine?)

These examples below are to call gays

Seu viado! (You gay!)
É um viadinho... (He's a little gay)

by Flo' April 30, 2009
Brazilian way to accuse someone to be an homosexual. Viado is deer in portuguese, so people would often joke that someone was having homosexual intercourse behind the bushes in the wild, like an deer (viado) going from bush to bush.
"Ele (gay) vai pulando de moita em moita igual a um viado" - He is going jumping from bush to bush like a viado.
by wesleyarts September 18, 2013
The Brazilian Portuguese for someone who is hommosexual. It is often used as a standard diss for anything. (for example, like the word fucker in English).
Vai toma no cú, viado!!
(Fuck you, homosexual! (in this case, gaylord, or gayass).
by SLiCeRz October 11, 2004