vext - verb - also vext-ing and vext-ed

1) to vext somone is to send them a text using Apple's (Siri) or any other smart phone manufacture's voice entry features rather than manually typing the words that comprise what would otherwise be known as a text message.
"I couldn't be bothered to take the time to text him about the details so I vexted him instead." Also: "Be quite, can't you see I am vexting here?"
by the bored lawyer February 26, 2013
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Vexted is a adjective to describe when someone is pissed off/ annoyed. It is British slang
Omg your so vexted
by Ebony-rose October 21, 2018
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(V) The act of sending or receiving purposefully upsetting texts, usually from an angry ex, when he or she KNOWS you're out enjoying yourself without them.
Nicole: Yo, who keeps blowing up your phone?
Yania: You know who it is! He is vexting the sh** out of me!!!
(They move towards the bar)
by LupaLatina December 16, 2009
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Vexting is to send a message using a "video" instead of word text. Is is similar to texting but you do not type instead you create a video message and send as your message. It is different than skype or face-time because it is a video message not real time.
by KLONG July 15, 2013
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root words: vent and text. Verb: vexting.

When someone texts as a means to vent their frustrations. It also sounds like vexing, meaning something that is annoying or upsetting.
He filled up my inbox vexting about his girlfriend.
by Songdogs January 03, 2011
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