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A militant vegan

Given that being vegan is a choice and not an actual necessity in civilised societies, vetards actually think that being vegan makes them intellectually superior. Can also be associated with the word "dumbass".
Mary: Fuck, I love being a militant vegan.

John: Please don't be such a vetard.

Mary: But I like being a militant vegan. What's a vetard anyway?

John: Someone who thinks that being vegan always makes you right.

Mary: But I am always right.

John: My point exactly.
by JEPC May 07, 2014
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A person whose voice frequency does not match their body type or appearance.
"I couldn't talk to that vetard without laughing. He looks like an imposing guy, but he's got a woman's voice."

"The Chocolate Rain guy is definitely vetarded."
by Three Future Douchebags May 05, 2008
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