Venn Diagram - n/v - A sexual act involving five people, two of whom are men, and three of whom are women.

In a venn diagram, each of the men has one girl to himself. The remaining girl is shared amongst the two men, and is represented as the overlapping region of the venn diagram.
John and Chris: "Hey ladies, want to come back to our place and Venn Diagram?"

Stacey, Jane and Amy: "Sounds like an orgy baby...yeah, count us in."

Amy: "Shotgun being the overlapping region. I love double penetration."
by urmomma42 March 08, 2006
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A large butt of a woman or man, that can be seen from a distance of more than 50 feet away and has very defined buttocks.
Jared: "Aww man, I was at the mall's food court yesterday, and I saw this chick with a huge Venn Diagram. I almost spilled my Pepsi."

Mark: "Damn. You get her number?"

Jared: "Nah, but she let me slap it a few times while her boyfriend was ordering hot dogs."

Mark: "Sweet. You know, your girlfriend has quite the venn diagram too."

Jared: "What?"

Mark: "Hmm?"
by xXSunny DXx September 04, 2010
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When two gentlemen sitting across from one another interlock arms and proceed to give each other hand jobs.
Where are are Doug and Jim?
They went home to enjoy a quick Venn Diagram before fondue
by King of Cuddle September 14, 2011
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-A word to describe the moment of when one's personal space intersects with the another.
-The act of getting up in someone's face to make them feel uncomfortable/start a conversation.
"Dude, this hot chick was venn diagramming me earlier! I think she likes me!"
"That old dude with the large coat has venn diagrammed me a couple of times already. I need an adult."
"I can't hear you from over there! We need to be venn diagramming to have a proper conversation!"
"You. Me. Venn diagramming. Bed. *wink*"
by IStealRocks May 02, 2015
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When one's nipples are so large that they overlap, forming a common childhood comparison chart.
*4th grade classroom*
Billy: I have nothing to compare the pros and cons of masturbating in class
Teacher: Take your shirt off and use your beefy Venn Diagram Nipples
by Dogfood11 April 04, 2017
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