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- The equivalent to a weeaboo, but instead of obsessing over Japan, it's over Canada.
" Ugh! People in the USA always complain about living here! But they praise Canada about everything and want to live there! Canada this! Canada that! What wee-eh-boos. "
by IStealRocks June 13, 2015
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-A word to describe the moment of when one's personal space intersects with the another.
-The act of getting up in someone's face to make them feel uncomfortable/start a conversation.
"Dude, this hot chick was venn diagramming me earlier! I think she likes me!"
"That old dude with the large coat has venn diagrammed me a couple of times already. I need an adult."
"I can't hear you from over there! We need to be venn diagramming to have a proper conversation!"
"You. Me. Venn diagramming. Bed. *wink*"
by IStealRocks May 02, 2015
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