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A sexual encounter involving 3 males. One fully naked man is standing with his scrotum dangling and his legs spread wide. The two others are wearing full Mongolian native tribal gear standing 10 yards away from the man. One is facing his front, and the other is facing his behind. They begin chanting, and when the chanting reaches a climax, they both charge head first and torpedo dive into male 1's nutsack causing a full explosion, Then males 2 and 3 use the blood and mutilated testicles to masturbate.
I cant believe i just gave my grandfather a Mongolian Nut Combuster!
by Dogfood11 April 4, 2017
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An angry short fat tool who thinks he's cool. This person also gets no pussy. They also refer to themselves as "stocky" or "big boned".
Jack thinks wearing a tight shirt will show off his muscles, but it is only showing everyone that he is a Beefy McChode.
by Dogfood11 April 4, 2017
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When one's nipples are so large that they overlap, forming a common childhood comparison chart.
*4th grade classroom*
Billy: I have nothing to compare the pros and cons of masturbating in class
Teacher: Take your shirt off and use your beefy Venn Diagram Nipples
by Dogfood11 April 4, 2017
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