1. to be different yet not be isolated.
2. to be unique.
3. to be followed by everybody who loves something different.
I have a very vea personality.
I love being vea.
I showed them how to pull a vea.
Everybody loves how vea I am.
by vija gonz May 28, 2009
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She's the prettiest girl I've ever seen. Her smile is so precious it can even make you smile too. Her voice gives me comfort every time i hear it. Has a lot of people crushing on her bc of how elegant she is. Really makes me smile every time, she's suck a sweet person.
oh look, isn't that the girl you like? what her name again? Vea?
by skwra November 22, 2021
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King Vea is the most beautiful person in the world. He kinda have hair like a lion and heart like one to (lion-heart). He is NOT a snake
But he is a past homophobe and transphobic but NOT anymore. King Vea loves girls named Tilde/queen goths.

King Vea is feminist and his favourite movie is the notebook and the jungle book. He has brown hair and is a brown skinned girl
“Omg I just saw a lion, no wait it’s just King Vea”
by King Vea Lover123 November 22, 2021
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