The act of sleeping with a Thai ladyboy after knowing about the surgery to make the change! This act can be multiplied based upon the number of ladyboys!
Guy 1: Did you hear about Alan sleeping with 2 ladyboys when we were in Thailand?
Guy 2: Yeah! Didn't you know that is where the term "Vargas" came from?
Guy 1: So your saying he pulled a double Vargas?
by PUBE-X! October 28, 2010
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the coolest kid you can meet. Gets all the hot girls and is very funny. He loves drake and and is very cute
kid: Yo look at that new kid
KID 2: Oh, hes pretty hot, he must be vargas
kid: he is, he's listening to drake!
by SammyBammy September 8, 2011
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The act of creating a postive reaction to a negative situation.
When I saw her yelling at the officer I provided a Vargas and helped her get out of that ticket.
by PositivelyVargas September 26, 2011
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Translation from old brazilian portuguese to always mad. When you are always mad you are Vargas. No matter what you are doing or how happy you are, you are mad, even when you are happy you are mad.
"How it's going?"
by gustavodpont November 28, 2017
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A masterbating device used for men with small penis
I have a Vargas right know
by Daddytedy December 11, 2017
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An Italian man who is obsessed with pasta and a German man named Ludwig.
Feliciano Vargas: Ludwig!!!!! I love you more than pasta!!!!!!
Ludwig: Feli......get back to your training.
by Hetalian person March 30, 2016
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The human name of Romano from the anime Axis Powers: Hetalia
Hetalian 1: Romano is my favorite character!!
Hetalian 2: I know right! I love Lovino Vargas <3
by Hetalian413 September 23, 2015
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