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Varad meaning the one who gives blessings is used as a adjective for Lord Ganesha.
Varad is a boy has a leadership qualitiy and likes to take brave decisions and he wants to always dominate others. He is very caring guy but if you show him that you don't give a fuck he would show you that he is better at it .

He is always ready to help his friends and to beat the shit out of his enemies.
Dont mess with Varad
by Mr. Brain IAC January 10, 2018
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A crack man who always try to make fool of others but actually is himself fooled. People should stay away. He appears to be good but actually is dangerous
rahul - see who is coming?
ram - Oh! he is varad
Rahul - lets get out from here.
by arnav123 June 23, 2014
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