Swastiks are those kind of extraordinary people who may be not a love at first sight, but believe me once you get to know him, you'll know that he's the most sweetest type of person out there in the entire world...
They usually seem to be shy and very decent but once you get to know them, you'll see the original form- very talkative n....
Overall, Swastiks are the best form of guys any girl could ever get, they normally have a lit nature, great personality, very caring, loving, loyal and are quite talented too.. Some of them are also known as 'One man Army' due to their incredible strength!!!!
Last but not the least they usually don't talk to a lot of girls, but believe me that of those of the few he talks to, are really lucky.
A Swastik will be there for his friends even in the hardest times ever, but those only count for only his few fellas!!
Having a Swastik as a friend is really a blessing!
Follow Swastik, be like Swastik
Girl 1: Hey check on that guy over there with that girl!
Girl 2: She must be so lucky to have him as a friend!!
Girl 1: Who's he btw?
Girl 2: You don't know him!? He's Swastik.. the best anyone could ever get😍
by Karen Mendez April 23, 2019
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Swastik is the Magnum Opus of God's human creation. They are born to be perfect and dominate every aspect of life. They are the best sons, best friends, best husbands. They make everything so simple by doing everything without seemingly any effort put into it. They are natural overachievers, they never fail to achieve anything. They are one of those only people that you can trust with your heart and They can even die to protect your promise. They might seem cold or harsh at first but as you gradually know them, they are the sweetest, kindest and the nicest of them all. Swastiks follow NO SIMP SEPTEMBER their whole life so they spend quite a large years of their life without a girlfriend or a boyfriend but when they find the perfect soulmate they just go for it and will do anything for the loved ones. Swastiks are nothing but Overachieveingly talented individuals with a personality unlike anyother human on the planet. They are the epitome of happiness but they suffer from anger issues that is very unlikely to be expressed on you because Swastiks like to keep their anger to themselves.
Girl 1: Do you know how to find happiness in life?
Girl 2: No.
Girl 1: Just make Swastik your friend and experience eternal happiness.
by Swastik_Lover_115 December 24, 2021
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At first he may seem very innocent with his high pitched voice and sorta annoying and kinda rude but once you get to know him he’s not as annoying and a really good friend to have which is why he has lots. He can be nice and has a very high opinion on math and science. He normally has lots of friends around him and his hobby is stalking Tylina with dev.
At first: Geez did you talk to Swastik hes so annying with that voice of his
Later: Swastik is such a nice guy :) he knows so much maths and science.
by Swazzzzzzzy September 3, 2021
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Alright. Lets start this ligit.
I did say about deBUNjana in the previous meaning, but now i'm not sure if it is 'DEBANJANA'. So everyone still wishes that DEBANJANA comes to Swasthick so HE GETS BANNED FROM FORTNITE(EVEN OTHER GAMES)...STILL CONFUSED?OK
then look it urself-'deBANjana'.Right?That works as well. SO GET BANNED SWASTHICK!
Ppl do say sayings such as- "The Man The Myth".But this is what SWASTHICK Deserves-"The Fat The F**k".

swastik: hey debanjana.

debanjana: get out or i'll contact EPIC AND OTHER COMPANIES TO GET YOU BANNED OK?
swasthick: But.....
debanjana:Shut up idiot.Little fat f**k.
swasthick:RIP my life
Raj(3rd person):You understood that now... ur life was RIP long ago.. dumbf**k.
ma'am: SOMETHING THAT U DONT DESERVE........................................................
by WhyUwannaKnowMe? July 10, 2019
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To swastikate is to draw a swastika, a Nazi symbol, in an undesirable location. Such as a notebook, forehead, W2 form.
Is that a swastika on your paper?!

Yes. My immature fascist friend swastikated that paper earlier.
by thomas trapp January 14, 2009
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The art of daubing a swastika on something or someone.
I swastikated the desk
by Chris Pye February 18, 2005
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A bot who plays Fortnite. Really wants to play Fortnite but will lose. He always gets annoyed by Pro players, and at times he complains his mum.
(ProPerson): Dude, you are such a noob. You are the most trash guy I've ever seen. You suck at this videogame. Get out, idiot.
(Swastik): I know that I am a noob.{crying} Ok, I will stop playing. I am a bot.
by WhyUwannaKnowMe? June 3, 2019
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