The thing that solves genuinely every existing problem. This discovery was found when someone once brought it in. Literally solves everything!
Olivia brought vaporub to school and everyone’s problems were solved!
by aunt coll March 17, 2022
To have anal sex using vicks vapourub as a lubricant.
She got a vaporub last night.
by Bart Jones April 30, 2003
when you're fucking a guy (or grill) in the ass and you pull out before you cum and cum into your hand and rub it on their chest.
Becky sure loved it when I Vicks vaporubbed her last night
by x_X_HankSpank_X_x September 4, 2017
I had to VapoRub one out the other day and my genitals felt like Alaska for a week!
by Mc Kjos January 6, 2011