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She is heaven n hell combined. loves music n art. trust me when I say her words can make you fall in love. comes from a large family and is a wanna-be mom. never been in a serious relationship, she became cold after being with a guy she thought meant something to her. She doesn't care how long she needs to wait for her soulmatehas a calm, charming, n mature look to her. She can literally be an angel n this is what will astound her future lover. She is a mystery, n her future s/o will most likely be of opposite character. They will be unconventional in many ways, they will surprise many. DID I MENTION THAT VANIA IS THE SMARTEST GIRL? no? whelp she is. don't mistake her innocent aura for a child. she's stronger n smarter than you think. not just book smart. She's a HUGE momma's girl. She adores her mom.has outmost respect for her father. feels the need to prove herself worthy to him. Her mom is her best friend. soo remember when I said Vania often comes off as rude n cold? She's literally an angel sent from above. IF you manage to PISS HER OFF....HAHAHAH consider yourself no longer existent. she's literally a marshmallow if you're on her good side. good thing is, she's literally the most patient n tolerant person on this earth, hardly blows up. so we're actually lucky. All she wants is love. So, to the person that will enamor Vania in the future: congratulations because you have won over the girl that was utterly crafted by God himself.
Vania and her future partner are like two carefully crafted angels that were handpicked and brought together in order to bring heaven to earth.
by AnoONyMOuuSSss February 04, 2019
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A woman who is so fine, sexy, hot, intelligent, beautiful, and gorgeous that you can't get your eyes off of her, and will make you feel good all day.
by she's so fine August 27, 2008
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a beautiful, sexy, intelligent woman. Who reaches all of her goals cause she is very brilliant.
by think about it!!! August 06, 2003
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A sweet, thoughtful, LOYAL, firce and beautiful woman. Vania could wear a potatoe sack and she would STILL be hot as hell. She has many friends who know her, but only a select few know the real her. As soon as she meets you, she will instantly be your friend and will fight anyone who hurts you. Vanias are usually thicc except they don’t know it. She usually doesn’t realize how beautiful she is. Vania always knows just what to say to make you feel better. She is willing to stay up for days just to comfort others. She can act really slutty at times, but really, she’s just comfortable with touching others. She is a wonderful girlfriend who doesn’t hide things and when she has a doubt about her relationship she talks about it instead of keeping it to herself. If you have a Vania in your life, you are EXTREMELY lucky and should try to keep her in your life for as long as you can.
(Vania walks across the street)
Guy 1: DAMNNNN who’s that hottie?
Guy 2: I don’t know, but look at those tits!
Guy 1: and that ass!

Guy 2: I bet she’s a Vania, only Vania’s are that hot
by NotJessica926 June 25, 2018
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a beautiful, cute, girl with a sense of humour, toughness, and softness all at the same time. they're rare, but if you find one then keep her and love her. they'll be affectionate towards you always, love you forever and you'll be blessed if you find one. this is coming from a lesbian with a girlfriend named vania.
damn vania iis cute and humorous and everything. a shame amanda got her first
by Then00bgod September 20, 2018
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A very cute, pretty girl. Someone who cares a lot about her bestfriends. A very down to earth girl, who hates drama or be involved in drama. Guys like her a lot because of her very sweet smile. A girl who loves music too & can be crazy & very weird sometimes.
Person: Hey nice to meet you.
Vania: HI! Nice to meet you too((:
by austiniscoolerthanyou August 18, 2011
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